Window Standard Construction Options







White or Beige Vinyl X X
White Only X
Woodgrain Foiled Interiors  [More info…]  X X
Irish Oak, Medium Oak or Soft Cherry woodgrain X X
Painted Exteriors
12 Standard Exterior Coatings/Unlimited Custom Colors X
Glass Options
LowE/Argon Glass X X X
LowE/Argon-Krypton Mix Glass  X
High Performance Triple Glazing – R5 and Better X
Tempered Glass X X X
Tinted Glass X X X
Obscure Glass X  X X
Hopper available with Polycarbonate security panel X
Grid Options
Colonial X X X
Diamond X X X
Single or Double Prairie X X X
Contoured X X X
Additional Options
Full-style Screens (On Double Hung/Double Slider Models) X X X
Better Vue Screens – for a “better view” X X X
Aluminum Screen Wire – Brite or Charcoal X X X
Foam-wrapped Exterior Insulation X X X
Foam-filled Master Frame X X X
Snap-on Nailing Fins X
Integral Nailing Fin X
Factory Mulled Units X X X
Slider Night Latches X
Double-Hung available as Oriel or Reverse Oriel X X X
Auto Locks/Polished Brass Locks X
 Full Lifetime Warranty/Lifetime Glass Breakage X X
 Limited Warranty/5 Yr. Glass Breakage X

Select the build options that are right for you….don’t worry….our associate will help you.  Compare those options, then select the Dalco replacement window that’s right for your home.

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